Premium jewellery

Excellence in diamond jewellery.

A coming together of artistry and experience.

We, the creators of Rosa Amoris, are one of India’s largest jewellery manufacturers. We cater to most of the big-league independent retailers and jewellery chains worldwide. As manufacturers of premium jewellery, we believe that it is of essence that we have the competency and capabilities to deliver high-quality products and create innovative design concepts for our customers.

Our unique designs and world-class products are born through deep study and research of the latest market trends. Our superior output is a result of our in-depth understanding of local markets and our responsive sales and after-sales service set-ups. This thorough approach and our passion for everything we do are what drive us.

To achieve the kind of premium results that we consistently deliver, we have a skilled design team and a competent manufacturing set-up in place. These concentrate on ensuring we put out high-end products constantly. In addition, our quality-control team ensures that every piece of jewellery we fashion maintains the standards of Rosa Amoris.

Finally, we offer marketing support and work with our clients in the development of point-of-sales material—to promote our products under their store brand as well as help them develop demand-specific collections.

A legacy in
fine jewellery

Rosa Amoris is a creation of a fine jewellery house in India that has been in the business since 1966. It was established with the intention of bringing life to the traditional art of jewellery design and has consistently been elevated using high engineering.

Over the span of five decades, this precious jewellery manufacturing business has grown manifold. Our repertoire comprises a premium range of exquisitely designed diamond pieces, all handcrafted by talented master craftsmen. Our collection is complete with pieces fit for royalty, and we specialise in the most loved precious accessories: rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

We believe in giving our customers the complete jewellery experience. They benefit from our niche design services such as bridal trousseau designing, bespoke jewellery designing, and jewellery upgrade or redesigning. Every design is arrestingly beautiful. Every embellishment makes its wearer stand out from the crowd.