The forgotten joy
of a rosecut

A beauty from the early 1500s.

A star of today.

Semi-reflective because of their shallower depths, rosecuts are a gentle joy. They may not wow the way the brilliant cut does, but their softer beauty and unique optics make them the ideal diamonds for engagement rings, wedding jewellery, and elegant presents. The rosecut also makes for breathtaking coloured diamonds.

Cut to resemble the spiral of rose petals, the rosecut diamond is making a comeback after its popularity dipped briefly as a result of the rise of the brilliant cut. Its resurgence is part of the larger resurgence of antique jewellery itself.

It’s luxury fashion

with a vintage touch.

It ’s Rosa Amoris.
Beauty that is an ode
to nature, to love, to life
The rosecut follows a pattern that a lot of things in nature follow:
a sacred geometry that achieves complete harmony in proportion. This adds to its flawless beauty and divine finish.

And despite its absence of a pavilion, the rosecut is a cut that has depth. Its multitude of facets is a reflection of the facets of life. Each one functions as a pleasant reminder of how the many aspects of life make it worth living; each one is meant to be experienced and cherished.

Very often, a diamond is an expression of eternal love. A rosecut diamond adds an ethereal dimension to this beautiful expression.