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We are on a simple mission: to delight our customers with creative products and superior services. You are the inspiration behind our finest creations. A closer look at our Rosa Amoris pieces will confirm this — every cut, every design breaks routine and is an ode to your unique beauty, personality, and story.

Why rosa amoris
The millennial’s cut of choice

and why Rosa Amoris is the collection to choose from

Affordable Luxury

Reasonably priced and just as beautiful as any rival

Rose cuts in 18K Rose Gold

Trendy yet timeless

Unique Craftsmanship

Diamonds, gemstones, and pearls combined like never before

Larger Diamonds

Minus the added cost

Rose cuts in White Gold

A grand combination

Semi-reflective Beauty

Reflective of your lustrous personality too

It's not just Rose cut jewellery
it 's unmatched beauty
Nothing but beauty,
beauty that matters